Meet Our Race Ambassadors - Great Welsh Marathon Events
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Meet Our Race Ambassadors

Our Ambassador Team is made up of local runners and those who match our 5 basic principles which we believe demonstrate the correct approach to running and general fitness that include:

  1. Positivity about sport
  2. Engagement in sport
  3. Approach to training 
  4. Respect for others 
  5. Love and passion for running


What Craig Loves About Running:

Running has always been a passion of mine, it gives me a sense of freedom and enjoyment. The Gower Peninsula is one of my favourite run spots along the coastal path where every day is a new adventure. As a run coach for Swansea Harriers, I take great pride in helping others to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. 

Craig Jones after completing the Great Welsh Half Marathon 2024.

In my own running, I compete in a variety of distances from 5k’s to marathons with a few triathlons in the mix! A great achievement was going under 16 minutes for 5k and also podiuming at the Wales Marathon last summer. My favourite thing is running with friends and feeling those post race endorphins after all the hard work in training!


What Huw says:

I am your average runner and triathlete who uses exercise to destress from a very busy family and work life. I am in my mid 50s and don’t think I’ve ever been busier but find exercise is the key activity in my life to relax and catch up with friends.

I started getting back into exercise about 15 years ago a few years after my kids were born. I had put on weight and thought I had better start running as a means to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Huw Bevan running on a favourite route in Swansea Bay!

Each year, I set myself goals typically entering local park runs, a 10K or half marathon just to focus and make sure I didn’t slip up and as time went on I decided to enter more and more events just to try and make sure I didn’t return to being the sloth that I once was.

As my kids got older they joined Langland life saving club, I volunteered to help out which meant I suddenly started open water swimming as well as running. One thing led to another and I ended up entering triathlons.  All of a sudden I had three sports I was merely average at rather than one!

Over the past 15 years I have run a number of half marathons and about five full marathons (including all the frontrunner events) all in a very average time as well as doing triathlons and full distance Ironman events.

I train about 9 to 11 hours a week and you will often find me running on the promenade in Swansea or cycling around Gower. 

I still yearn to be faster but find I’m running and cycling for the pure enjoyment rather than achieving a specific time which provides me with the most satisfaction. 

Hopefully, I will be doing the Llanelli half marathon and the great Welsh half marathon this year along with 3 half Ironman events across the UK.  All with the aim of keeping relatively fit and being a good example to my kids.


Here’s what Emily had to say:

I’m a University lecturer and researcher, runner and triathlete, and member/run leader for Swansea Harriers. I played football until my mid 20s but stopped playing when I started my PhD in 2016. Having played sport since I could walk I needed something to fill the void, this is when I found running. I entered my first half marathon, Llanelli, with absolutely no clue what I was doing! My times started to improve and I quickly caught the running bug so decided to join Swansea Harriers before signing up to my first marathon in 2018, running a 3:27 in Newport.

Fast forward 8 years and I’m running times I never would have dreamed of when I started. I am proud to have been the Welsh Marathon Champion in 2023 as the first Welsh female to cross the line at London Marathon in a PB time of 2:47. I run Swansea Half Marathon every year, 2023 was my first start in the elite pen and I was delighted to run a PB of 1:18. I’m also a two time Ironman Wales finisher, winning my age group in 2023 and finishing third female overall which qualified me for the Ironman World Championship in Nice in September 2024.

Ultimately, the thing I love about running is the freedom, setting personal goals and committing to improving, and the feeling of pushing yourself to new limits that used to feel unreachable.


More on Abigail:

My name is Abigail and I am a mother of two beautiful adults age 18 and 26. Why do I run? I run because it makes me feel like a superhero. I run because it is setting an example for my children on the importance of self-care and self-love. I run because the community have given me a sense of belonging after letting myself go after childbirth. Now that my children are grown I have been able to meet my partner through running and now we are living our best lives by enjoying what we both love to do and that is running and travelling!


Here’s what Eric has to say:

My Name is Eric Morgan and I fell in love with running after having my second seizure at aged 39, which really kicked my health journey off as I laid in the hospital thinking about my Children, Raven, 29, Noah, 22, and Asiah, 16, thinking I need to see them grow up .

I’m still not sure if I like running but I love the benefits that it gives to me, the way it makes me feel, the youthful feeling it gives to me and the fact it has brought me in touch with so many other beautiful people that I would probably not have met before.

Along my journey I have developed a skill of what I call Motivational Talking Running making running movies and much more which is now my business of Kimproductions aka Keepitmovin.

One of my best experiences is meeting my fiancee who shares the same passion as myself of running, travelling and eating healthy good food.

Everyday I wake up grateful for the things that running has brought to me and long may it continue.

I am The Most Electrifying Running Entertainer in the World aka Dr Epic as I have a PHD in race day vibes. I keep the runners alive is one of my many slogans whilst I’m running, talking, filming, inspiring and motivating.

For all the movies check out Kimtv YouTube or Instagram you won’t be disappointed.