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Regenerating Nature One Step At A Time!

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Swansea University to help their teams regenerate nature through the UK’s largest seagrass project. Scientists at Swansea University have set up the independent charity Project Seagrass in order to turn seagrass conservation research into action. This is a major international success story for Swansea University and we are thrilled that our participants will have the opportunity to be part of this success story too!

How you can help?

Every runner will be able to pledge their support by donating £1 when registering for their event to this groundbreaking project or choose to fundraise through the project’s JustGiving page.

The seagrass project offers a significant solution to a global problem. The need to protect seagrass and nature, has never been stronger. That’s why project seagrass is committed to working harder to conserve and restore seagrass meadows in communities to help:

  • Absorb pollution 
  • Store carbon
  • Protect coastlines 
  • Create healthier habitats for marine life

The team at Swansea are now involved with seagrass restoration in North Wales, the Solent and the Firth of Forth and contributing their expertise to the creation of the UK’s first seagrass nursery based in West Wales.

You can help lead the way for future seagrass restoration projects through your running journey with us…be part of the success story too!