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Tips on how to pace yourself on race day! 

So, you’ve entered to #RunCymru and now you need to get race day ready to smash that course 😊

You probably don’t need reminding that a marathon or half marathon is a long way and finding a comfortable pace to run those miles is important. Having an organised strategy can help you finish that race strong and feel confident throughout the event! To help you achieve that, we have put together some tips to use as a guide during your training and give you the confidence that you pace your race right:  

Get yourself a watch 

A watch allows you to focus on your pace and allow yourself to pace your run during training and on race day. If you have a time goal in mind, you can use your watch to see if you are maintaining the pace and will hit your time goal.  

Set yourself a goal time  

When training, it’s useful to set yourself a target time that you want to complete your half marathon in. This way, whilst your training you can give yourself a pacing goal to train at, and most importantly, it should be one that you’re comfortable with (not too fast, that will exhaust you and make you feel defeated). When it comes to race day, you’ll be able to run your pace from training, allowing you to have a much more comfortable run instead of spending the whole race figuring out what suits you.  

Don’t take off too quick  

Start at a comfortable pace that you know you can maintain. If you are comfortable towards the end of the race, you can begin to increase the pace slowly. The excitement can get overwhelming, and you can take off quickly by getting dragged in with the runners.  

Run slower in the first half

Take your time during the first half of the race. Running a little slower than your goal pace for the first 5 or 6 miles (or longer for a marathon) will allow you to conserve the energy you will need to push you through the remaining miles. Slowing your pace down will also give your body a chance to absorb the fluids and nutrition you took on pre-race.  

Run with a pacer

We’ll have a team of pacers at hand for both the half and the full marathon distances, find the pacer running your target time and try and stick with them for the race. Let the pacer take the pressure off you checking your watch throughout the race – the pacers will communicate with you throughout the race.

The end split

This is usually where runners begin to pick up their pace and push that final distance. You are almost at the finish line, and this is where you will feel you want to give that final surge, however, a sudden increase in speed can result in you cramping up, which is the last thing you want to experience when almost at the finish line. Gradually increase your tempo, maintaining your pace, breathing and rhythm. Then get ready to smile as you cross that finish line and experience overwhelming feelings of relief and achievement!  

Pacing your run can be easy if done correctly. Get ahead of the game and practice this during your training and it will most definitely benefit you.  

Stay safe and happy running 😊