Top running routes around Pembrey Country Park and Burry Port  - Great Welsh Marathon Events
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Top running routes around Pembrey Country Park and Burry Port 

With the race day coming up soon, your training will be well underway, so if you’re looking for new routes to tackle, we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few popular running routes in the area that will help you get familiar with the area and should save you some time looking for new routes and distances: 

6 miles

So, you’ve started to build up your miles now and looking for a 10k run. This is a lovely route taking you around the incredible Pembrey Country Park, out along the coastal path and back. A flat run that allows you to develop your running style and technique whilst taking in the scenes around you. A must for first-timers who are looking to smash their 10k. CHECK IT OUT HERE

9 miles 

 Starting out in Kidwelly, this route takes you for a 3-mile run along the road before reaching the beautiful Pembrey Country park for a peaceful 6 miles. As you run through the trees and take in the scenes around the award-winning park, it provides you with a great opportunity to take on some small hills around the site and work on your tempo runs, finding a comfortable pace. FIND OUT MORE.  

11 miles 

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, then why not give this route around Pembrey Country Park a go? If you’re looking to just get some miles in, this will give you the opportunity to get used to some slight elevation and smash those miles! SEE THE ROUTE.  

14 miles 

Starting at the dock, this route will take you along the coast into the Pembrey country park and around the beautiful park before heading back to the dock. A great run route as you begin to increase your mileage, taking in some lovely forest views and experiencing some mixed terrain. ADD THIS ROUTE

19 miles

If you’re ready to tackle those longer distances, this is a perfect run for you! Starting out in Pwll, this run starts out with a slight incline before flattening out and heading over to the magnificent Pembrey Country Park. CHECK IT OUT. 

Remember to stay safe, wear high-visibility clothing to make sure you can be seen, and don’t forget to practice your hydration and nutrition. 😊