Top Tips For Race Day - Great Welsh Marathon Events
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Top Tips For Race Day

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves as they can be, especially on race day. So with the help of our training partners at Realbuzz we’ve put together some tactics and tips to help you through those miles ahead of the Great Welsh Marathon Events.

The time has come for you to run your race! You’ve done your training, and tapering and you’re now ready to get to the start line but make sure you’re not making any last-minute mistakes. Read ahead for some useful tips and mistakes to avoid so you can enjoy race day.

1.  Plan your day. 

Make a checklist of everything you need for race day! Plan your route, drinks, gels you plan to take, bib and pins, and everything you need for race day…You haven’t done all this training just to forget something – so why not lay your kit out the night before?

2.  Know your route. 

Take a look at your route beforehand so you don’t come across anything surprising. This will allow you to get familiar with and pace yourself accordingly. Congested areas and exposed sections of the route are also useful to know. Make sure you know the start area and where you will be parking. You may need to use the toilets before the race, but so will everyone else so get there early to know where they are.

3.  Early energy waste.

Don’t blow out too early. Start the race with those of similar ability to you or alongside pacers of your expected finishing time. An over-confident start may feel great at the beginning but will lead to a painful finish if this is not what you have trained for. You want to enjoy the race so take your time and don’t overdo it.

4.  No new kit. 

This is the number one rule of race day! No new kit. Do not try out your new running kit or even running trainers on the day of your half marathon. Many runners have tried and tested this, and it has very rarely ended well. Blisters, running and chafing all contribute to a miserable race so stick to what you have trained with, and what is worn in. It’s not worth the pain!

5.  Break it down. 

It can be daunting thinking you have to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles all in one. So, break it down into manageable chunks to get you through if it helps. Whether you push through every mile or every km, if it helps you feel more confident, it’ll help you finish the run. Quite often, some runners experience a slow, negative patch. This is common so don’t let it take its toll on your event. Try to stay positive, don’t panic and remember to break it down and embrace the spectator’s cheers to help you keep moving. You’ve got this!

6.  Enjoy it! 

These events should be fun, and you will embrace the feeling of the race day atmosphere as soon as you arrive. It has taken weeks of training for you to get here, and you have worked hard, so enjoy every step and think about that finish line feeling.