TRAINING TIPS - Great Welsh Marathon Events
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Whether you are embarking on the Great Welsh Marathon or the Great Welsh Half Marathon you can benefit from the following training tips to get you Race ready.


  • Training Plan: Whichever race you are participating in you should be following a training plan. Sticking to a training plan will ensure that you have sufficiently trained to be able to complete the race distance safely and will allow you to enjoy the race.
  • Cross Train: Vary your training by adding in cross-training, whether that is using the elliptical trainer or stationary bikes in the gym, or simply using some weights to strengthen your muscles. Cross-training can improve your fitness, help with injury prevention and you will see a difference in your running fitness as a result.
  • Hydration and Nutrition: Staying hydrated is an essential part of running, not just on race day but also during your training. It is possible to over-hydrate so drink to thirst, replacing lost fluids with small sips of water over a period of time. Make sure you fuel your runs sufficiently, what works for one person is different for someone else, work out what to eat during your training to ensure you fuel correctly before, during and after Race Day.
  • Train with Friends: Sometimes getting yourself out the front door can be tough, run with friends and you will find yourself more motivated to get out and run. Having company can help those miles tick over and help you complete your training runs with ease.
  • Race Day Logistics: Plan your Race Day in advance, think about your breakfast, transport, parking, baggage drop-off, prepare your Race Kit prior to Race Day – planning ahead can make Race Day easier.
  • Rest: Make sure you are taking those well-earned Rest Days. When your training is going well, it is easy to get carried away and run further, faster or more often than your training plan. Make sure you let your mind and body recover by taking those rest days. You will benefit from rest as well as your training.
  • Enjoy Yourself: Running should be enjoyable, Race Day is a celebration of all of the training you’ve put yourself through – Enjoy your training and you will enjoy Race Day!


The Great Welsh Marathon and the Great Welsh Half Marathon take place on Sunday May 7th 2017. Entries are open now: – Sign Up Today!