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Nutrition Tips To Help You Over The Festive Period

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We all over-indulge at Christmas and why not?! We all train hard enough, so we deserve a little break once a year. So, whether you are continuing your training or planning to start in the New Year, we have come up with a few simple Healthy Eating Tips to help you during the festive period.

5 Healthy Eating Tips

  1. Fruit and Vegetables

    Make sure you’re getting the right nutrients and vitamins by eating plenty of fruit and veg.

  2. Protein

    Food such as eggs are a really good source of protein and will help your muscles to recover after your training.

  3. Carbohydrates

    Eating pasta is a good low-fat, slow-release energy option to help fuel your runs. It’s also important to eat some carbs within half an hour of your training to help replenish your glycogen stores.

  4. Cereal Bars

    These can be a good, quick snack option – just make sure they’re not filled full of sugar.

  5. Hydrate

    Don’t forget to hydrate!! Before, during and after your run you should ensure you are taking on-board enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Even though it feels cold outside, you will still sweat and lose water during your training so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Remember everything in moderation, that goes for training too. So don’t just eat well, give your body the chance to relax and recover, you will feel better for it, when the training ramps up next year.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy the festive period – Eat, Run and be Merry!!

The Great Welsh Marathon and Half Marathon take place on April 14th 2019 from Festival Fields in Llanelli. Whatever distance you choose, it’s suitable for first timers, fun runners, elites and your everyday heroes. To sign up to take part or keep up with the latest news go to:

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Great Welsh Full & Half Marathon – Everything You Need To Know

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As marathon season kicks off, runners from all over the UK and beyond are getting excited for the Great Welsh Marathon. South Wales’ oldest marathon takes place this Sunday (15th April) from Festival Fields in Llanelli at 9am.

The race comprises of a full marathon as well as a half marathon. Strictly limited to 500 participants in each race, this race offers a fast, flat, friendly race whichever distance has been chosen.

Taking in the beautiful Carmarthenshire coastline, the Great Welsh Marathon & Half Marathon starts and finishes at Festival Fields, heading out along the magnificent Millennium Coastal Path overlooking wonderful views of Llanelli Beach, the Loughor Estuary and Gower Peninsula.

David Martin-Jewell, Managing Director said:

“We are very excited to be staging the second Great Welsh Marathon & Half Marathon as Front Runner Events. We are looking forward to welcoming the largest field this race has ever seen. Whether a first timer or an experienced runner, this race offers a great course for all runners.”

Participating athletes will be keen to know that there will be a team of race pacers offering support to help runners get their pacing spot on. The pacers will run the race in the following estimated times for the half marathon: 1:30, 1:45, 2:00 and 2:30 hours and for the full marathon: 3:30, 3:45, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30 and 5:00 hours. Runners simply need to look for their pacer in the start area and try to stay with them throughout the race to ensure accurate timing.

The Race Village will be located at Festival Fields in Llanelli, which is open to athletes and spectators from 07.30am. The Full Marathon will start at 09.00am and the Half Marathon will start at 09.05.

Key Race Day Timings:

  • 07:30: Car Park, Race Village, Baggage Tent and Information Point Open
  • 08:30: Runners Enter Start Funnels
  • 08:50: Baggage Drop Off Closes
  • 09:00: Great Welsh Marathon Race Starts
  • 09:05: Great Welsh Half Marathon Race Starts
  • 10:08: Winner of the Great Welsh Half Marathon Expected
  • 11:40: Winner of the Great Welsh Marathon Expected
  • 12:30: Winners presentation takes place
  • 15:00: Event Closes

The Race Day Guide features all the need to know information about the event, including safety notes, car parks and Race Day Information. Anyone wishing to know more can download their copy via the website:

For further event details or to follow your loved one on the live results to see how they are doing out on the course you can via Race Tracking online here: To stay ahead of all the news as it happens like the Facebook page: or follow @WelshMarathon #RunCymru #WalesLovesRunning on Twitter.

Top Tips For Race Week

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You’ve done the hard work, you’ve put the miles in through the wind, rain and even snow over the last few months. It’s time to put the final preparations in place for Race Week and Race Day. Check out our top tips here to ensure you are Race ready:

  1. Mentally prepare

Don’t stress, a lot of runners get nervous on race day. Stick to what you’ve been doing in training and you’ll get to the finish line.

Route Recce, whether your running in a new city or one you’ve lived in for years and know well it’s always beneficial to walk or drive the race route. Familiarise yourself with every turn, uphill and downhill – this will help you mentally prepare for them when you tackle them on race day.

  1. Don’t try anything new

Stick to your diet, continue to eat & drink the same as you have been throughout your training. It may seem a good idea to try something recommended by a friend or the internet, but you don’t know how your body is going to react to something new – don’t take a chance! 

Hold fire on those new trainers, your current pair may have seen better days and are due to be changed but don’t do it until after the race. You will need time to bed in a new pair to reduce the risk of discomfort & blisters, race day isn’t the time to test this out.

  1. Prepare your body

Stay off your feet, this can be hard with work/family commitments but try your best to rest up and have an easy week where possible. If your race is local, try and book a few days off work before race day and if you’re visiting a new city leave the sight-seeing until after the race.

Eat well through the week, the last thing you want to be doing is eating your body weight in pasta the night before. This comes under the don’t try something new rule, you need to eat additional carbs but this needs to be done in small increases in the days leading up to the race.

Hydration, similar to your carb build up through the week you will need to keep well hydrated each day in the week leading up to the race. This will put you on the start line well hydrated and ready to go! Drinking two litres the morning of the race to catch up will quickly have you looking for the first toilet stop and all that fluid will be lost.

  1. The Night Before

Get a good night’s sleep.

PIN YOUR RACE BIB TO YOUR VEST/TEE SHIRT, MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN YOUR DETAILS ON THE BACK OF YOUR BIB. This is highly important in case you require medical attention, or we need to contact someone on your behalf.

Prepare your race gear the night before. Make sure you prepare for all weather, the last thing you want to do race morning is panic because you can’t find your favourite running shorts!

5. Race Day

Arrive early, you should aim to arrive at least an hour before the start of the race. This will give you enough time to pick up your number (if you don’t already have it), put your bag in the bag drop area, use any other facilities you may need to before the start and you can soak up the atmosphere and relax instead of rushing to the start line.

Keep warm & dry, the Llanelli coast is exposed at this time of year with the potential for wind and rain. Once you leave your bag at the bag drop you are exposed to the elements. Bring a poncho/black bag to keep yourself dry whilst on the start line, it is also a good idea to bring old t-shirts/jumpers your happy to throw away on the start line. All clothing left at the start line will be donated to local charities.

Line up on the start line early (start funnels open at 0830)you don’t want to have to rush to the start line – as soon as it’s announced that the start area is open make your way there.

Post-Race – have a change of clothes and a towel ready for when you finished, your body will cool quickly after you have finished. Gower College Swansea will be in attendance on the first concourse providing POST RACE MASSAGES for runners.

Remember, trust in your training and enjoy yourself as you #RunCymru. For further Race Day information, check out our Race Day Guide here.

Marathon Fever Grows For The Great Welsh – South Wales’ Only Marathon

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As marathons hit peak season with the UK’s largest race at Virgin Money London Marathon next month, runners from all over Wales and beyond are getting excited about the Great Welsh Marathon.  Known as South Wales’ ONLY marathon, there’s no wonder us Welsh folk cant wait to take part!  The race, which has been a long established event on the running calendar, takes place in Llanelli; home to many a famous sporting icon such as rugby legends; Ray Gravell and Jonathan Davies, as well as the likes of world champion athlete and Gold medalist Dai Greene.  So this small but lovely town is already home to champions so make this your reason to #RunCymru and become a champion too!


The race will be very exclusive and has a strictly limited number of places available.  There will also be a half marathon race on the same day to offer runners the option of both distances.  The event will take place in SIX weeks on Sunday 7th May at 9am starting and finishing at Festival Fields, Llanelli.  The course is set within the Millennium Coastal Park and offers runners a chance to participate in one of the flattest races in the UK.  Anyone familiar with the area will know that the Coastal Path overlooks Llanelli Beach, and has breath-taking views of the Loughor Estuary and Gower Peninsula.

David Martin-Jewell, managing director said:

“We are very excited to be hosting South Wales’ only marathon.  The Great Welsh Marathon and Half Marathon is already a favourite amongst runners, having established its unique identity over the last 7 years or so, and it fits perfectly in the race calendar for anyone who may have missed out on running the London marathon.  We aim to deliver a fantastic event for everyone taking part and to do this we are limiting the number of entrants to just 500 for the marathon and 500 for the half.  This promises to be an exclusive event, offering a unique opportunity to be part of a race that is very special to Wales.”


On race day, runners can expect a great event that will be fully marshaled along the coastal path.  There will be water stops on the route and at the end, thanks to hydration partners Brecon Carreg.  To add to the offering, organisers will be providing energy gels, medal, finishers t-shirt and goody bag to all who complete the race.  Entry is just £40 for the marathon and £30 for the half marathon (plus booking fees).


The flat course is perfect for runners taking on their first long distance race, or for those chasing a PB. Entries are being snapped up so make sure you get your place and become a champ at #RunCymru go to:


To stay up to date with all the latest news as it happens follow or on Twitter @WelshMarathon and on Instagram @greatwelshmarathon