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Mum On The Move

We caught up with our ‘mum on the move’ Leanne following this year’s 2wish Great Welsh Marathon to find out more about her mission to keep running right through her pregnancy. Leanne is 36 years old and a mum to 3 children. She took up running 6 years ago after having her two girls (now aged

Great Welsh Marathon Events Continues Membership With AIMS

Becoming a member of AIMS means a BIG thing!  Gaining certification means that our events meet the best standards for race organisation and ensures accuracy on the course distance – helping runners achieve qualifying times for the BEST races Worldwide! Each of our events is measured professionally and the distance is exactly as stated in the certificate – in centimeters. The

Category Winners Announced

There were incredible finishing times and records broken at this year’s 2wish Great Welsh Marathon Events on Sunday (2 April 2023). Congratulations to those top finishers across all age categories! Pictured below are the top 3 female marathon finishers: Kelly Dicks of Great Western Runners (2:58:28), Joanna Callan (3:04:13) and Rhiannon Baxter of Stilton Striders (3:11:35).

Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of Race Day

Athletes and sporting heroes from across the UK and further afield are getting geared up to take on the first road marathon of the year in Wales this Sunday. The 2wish Great Welsh Marathon and Half Marathon events also happen to have one of the longest legacies of marathon events in South Wales. The event for the

Top Tips For Race Day

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves as they can be, especially on race day. So with the help of our training partners at Realbuzz we’ve put together some tactics and tips to help you through those miles ahead of the Great Welsh Marathon Events. The time has come for you to run your race! You’ve

Front Runner Events GO GREENER!!!

Front Runner Events are going greener to reduce the carbon footprint and minimise the environmental impact across its events. Over a number of years, several trials have been undertaken to remove all unnecessary waste and plastic from its events, which has resulted in considerable reductions and improvements. The goal is now to go a step

Are you ready to run a half marathon? 

Signing up for a half marathon can be exciting, but daunting, especially if you are a beginner. So, how do you know if you’re ready to tackle that 13.1 miles (21.2km) distance?   A half marathon is on the bucket list of many runners and a great challenge many people love to take on, but you

Tips on how to pace yourself on race day! 

So, you’ve entered to #RunCymru and now you need to get race day ready to smash that course 😊 You probably don’t need reminding that a marathon or half marathon is a long way and finding a comfortable pace to run those miles is important. Having an organised strategy can help you finish that race

How To Taper

You’ve made the commitment to run the race and all of a sudden the event is just around the corner and you’re wondering how the next few weeks of training will go. Rest assured, we are here to help with all the advice you need! Firstly, it’s important to be aware that tapering is different