Race Day & Nutrition Advice - Great Welsh Marathon Events
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Top Tips For Race Day

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves as they can be, especially on race day. So with the help of our training partners at Realbuzz we’ve put together some tactics and tips to help you through those miles ahead of the Great Welsh Marathon Events. The time has come for you to run your race! You’ve

Tips on how to pace yourself on race day! 

So, you’ve entered to #RunCymru and now you need to get race day ready to smash that course 😊 You probably don’t need reminding that a marathon or half marathon is a long way and finding a comfortable pace to run those miles is important. Having an organised strategy can help you finish that race

Nutrition Tips To Help You Over The Festive Period

We all over-indulge at Christmas and why not?! We all train hard enough, so we deserve a little break once a year. So, whether you are continuing your training or planning to start in the New Year, we have come up with a few simple Healthy Eating Tips to help you during the festive period.